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As we are all aware, weather can be an extremely destructive and devastating force. Yet gale-force winds and blinding sheets of rain are not a prerequisite for your home to suffer damage. Even the tamest outburst can discolour a home and pepper the paintwork with stains and smudges. Over time, these imperfections can develop into serious flaws. And these flaws eventually become vulnerabilities through which the weather can afflict your home at will. Alongside the structural damage this creates, it also completely disfigures a home’s exterior. Regardless of whether your choice to hire exterior house painters is spurred by aesthetic or restorative purposes, you will find a solution at All Weather Coating that covers both bases.


Beneath layers of paint and wall coatings, is a property’s render. Exterior wall render is the first layer to be applied to brickwork, but is the last line of defence against invading damp. If you have noticed the tell-tale signs of wear and tear, it could be time to consider updating your render. Overdue or not, cracked render repair is imperative to prevent damp from gradually seeping into your home. The actual process of repairing render is relatively straightforward. After identifying any areas of obvious weakness – which are chipped away – our team of experts will go about applying a fresh coat of render. Composed of a custom mix of sand, cement, lime and silicone, this coat of render will be perfectly allied both visually and chemically to your home’s exterior.

Exterior wall coatings

External render repair, on its own, is not normally enough to guarantee that your home’s exterior stays intact for years. That is why, after any irregularities with the external render have been smoothed over, we take the time to apply our weatherproof coatings. Over twenty times thicker than conventional paint, our weatherproof paint is fortified with an array of scientifically tried and tested components that are designed to maximise your walls’ ability to withstand the caprices of the weather.

Penetrating damp treatment

Unfortunately, if damp has already infiltrated your home, you cannot retrospectively establish preventative measures; you are going to need a remedy – and fast. Fortunately for you, our penetrating damp treatment is more than capable of not only eliminating dampness at its source but ensuring that it never has even a glimmer of hope of returning to your home. Thanks to the inclusion of water-resistant silicone, our exterior wall coatings are tailor-made to combat rain and damp. Testament to the durability of our weatherproof coatings is the 25 year guarantee we provide to all homeowners who elect to install them – you can rest assured that our penetrating damp treatment is a long-term solution rather than a stop-gap quick fix.

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