Weatherproof Coating Service For Exterior Walls

weatherpoof coating pebbledash render repair all weather coating (Weatherproofing_Before_01)render repair example of finished house
weatherpoof coating pebbledash render repair all weather coating (Weatherproofing_Before02)weatherpoof coating pebbledash render repair all weather coating (Weatherproofing_After02)
Why use our Weatherproof Coating?

Here at All Weather Coating, we use nothing but the best in waterproof coating paint!

The beauty of our water-repellent coating is that it forms a protective seal around the brickwork that shuts out the rain while still allowing the bricks to ‘breathe’ – our microporous technology within the coating allows this. So the inside of your home is protected from the damp, while not feeling stuffy or humid as a result.

Many years protection

Our weatherproof solution is the perfect cheap alternative to insulating your home – our impermeable paint will keep your home protected for years to come!

Will it affect how the outside of my home looks?

Only if you want it to! We offer a special clear coating service that’s just as functional as all our other coatings, while encasing your home in a clear protective coating that will look exactly the same.

If you’re in the mood for a change, not only are our weather resistant paints functional, they’re also stylish and can add a lot of character to the outside of your home.

Variety and choice

We pride ourselves on our wide range of colours to choose from so we can keep our customers satisfied with however they want to paint their home.

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Prevent adverse weather affecting your home with our weatherproof coating service

Does the exterior of your home constantly get battered by the elements? Then look no further than our weatherproof paint to protect your home from all kinds of weather that could potentially be doing damage to your walls.

With a sleek waterproof paint coating on your home, you can make sure your home in completely weatherized and your walls can stay fortified against all that nature can throw at them.

Does your home suffer from damp, algae or other nuisances? Our superior weatherproof paint will protect your bricks from the water that wants to seep through and cause damage to your property.

“I cannot recommend Glen and his team highly enough. We were so worried that doing a job of this size was going to be so disruptive. However, All Weather Coating were clean, tidy, professional and highly considerate. The disruption was minimal and the result just incredible. We are so happy with our home and secure in the fact that this is how it will be for many more years to come. Thank you so much.”

Think this is just a job for the Summer?
Think again!

Our weather sealing paint can be applied all year round – yes, that includes in summer. This solution is perfect for summer-proofing your home once and for all. Ideally, our coatings will be applied on a cold, dry day.

Want us to help you protect your home from all weather can throw at it? Then let All Weather Coating help you – the clue is in the name!

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