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Why We Do It

Here are some great reasons to consider All Weather coatings for your property.

Does not chip, flake, crack or peel

Ordinary paints soon become brittle and this often results in chipping, flaking and peeling. Our wall coating systems remains flexible and will not chip, flake or peel.


Our high performance wall coating paint removes the need for frequent repainting and maintenance of exterior walls.

Mould resistant

Unlike ordinary paints, All Weather Coating products contain fungicides, resulting in superb mould and algae resistance.

Alkali resistant

Our wall coating system has outstanding resistance to alkali, which can be found in all cement-based surfaces and soon breaks down conventional paint.

Resists Acid Rain, chemical attack and pollutions

All Weather Coating paint systems have excellent resistance to Acid Rain and resist the penetration of carbon dioxide which can cause carbonisation – a process which damages reinforced concrete.

Weatherproof and micro-porous

Our wall coatings stop water penetrating through surfaces. However, water vapour inside external walls can still pass out through the wall coating, allowing the walls to breathe and reducing the problems traditionally associated with water such as cracking, spalling (flaking) and delamination (separation).

Colour stability

Ordinary paints soon fade, discolour and stain, but our paints use high quality light-fast pigments to ensure strong colour stability on exposure to sunlight.



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