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All Weather Coating… Superior external house painting and exterior wall coating protection
Est. 1999
All Weather Coating is an independently owned family-run firm
serving customers throughout London and the Home Counties.

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ALL OUR WORK IS FULLY GUARANTEED! Our wall coating systems have a 25-year labour and materials guarantee against chipping, flaking, peeling and cracking. Roof coatings have a 15-year guarantee and both are available with the option of an insurance-back guarantee.

Having problems with:

The exterior walls of our homes can take quite a battering from the weather, which can easily lead to the exterior paint becoming flaky and unsightly, to say nothing of the damage that can be done to the walls over time. Find out how All Weather Coating can help with flaky paint …


Damage to the render of your exterior brickwork can prove to be a costly business. Overtime render becomes cracked and blown, stonework can crumble, bricks are attacked by the weather and the surface erodes away (spauling). All Weather Coating can help with preventing damaged render…


Once cracks begin to appear in your pebbledash exterior, water can penetrate and when this freezes it expands in the wall, pushing the coating of pebbledash away from the bricks underneath. Over time this can get worse and you may end up with chunks of pebbledash falling of your walls. Find out how All Weather Coating can help eliminate falling pebbledash…


Brick is a popular exterior facade for many homes but brick is a porous material that soaks up some of the water that hits it from rain. Although bricks can naturally absorb this water, and release it back into the atmosphere by evaporation, in areas of your home where brick is exposed to heavy rainfall, it is possible for the water to migrate through the brickwork and make your interior walls damp…


Rain can penetrate through your masonry (known as penetrating damp), and is a common problem in many buildings, particularly in those of solid wall construction. The most common way to tell if you have penetrating damp problems are damp patches on your internal walls which will cause paint to flake or wallpaper to peel. All Weather Coating can help to prevent and cure penetrating damp…


The pointing (mortar) between your brickwork is softer and more porous than the masonry units (bricks) themselves and will consequently take the brunt of the weather. Over time water can cause significant damage to mortar through frost weathering and from salt dissolution and deposition. Find out how All Weather Coating can help with eroded pointing on your property…


Our unique wall coating system can help you solve these problems without spending a fortune, and say goodbye to the need for frequent repainting!

All Weather wall coating is up to 20 times thicker than conventional paint and applied by specialists. The impressive textured finish helps eliminate surface imperfections and ensures beautifully smooth long-lasting results.

It resists rain penetration while still allowing the walls of the home to breathe, reducing problems traditionally associated with water such as cracking, spalling (flaking) and delamination (separation of layers). It also helps insulate your property against excessive heat and cold.

A Leader in exterior wall coatings and render repair since 1999. Trust our family-run painting business to fortify your home from the outside and protect your walls for many years to come. We’re sure you’re aware of the vital importance of protecting your house. Just as you wouldn’t leave your home with the doors wide open, you should pay serious thought to protecting the exterior of your property from dangers that could weaken its integrity such as damp, mould, dirt, algae and sea salt air.

Our guarantee to you: 25 years of hassle-free exterior walls that do not require maintenance – rain or shine – your reinforced walls will stand the test of time. We’ve weatherproofed thousands of properties in the time we’ve been around, let yours be the next.

Our coatings are guaranteed to improve the value of your property – a nice, shiny coat of paint to improve its appearance can do wonders for the first impression it leaves on people – whether you’re doing it to impress your friends or potential buyers.
Does your home suffer from:

  • Flaking paint chips?
  • Crumbling brickwork?
  • Damaged rendering?
  • Damp infiltration?
  • Porous bricks?
  • Broken pebbledash?

We can provide the solution. All Weather Coating is the #1 property exterior improvement service based in London and the Home Counties. Whether the project be domestic or commercial, our dedicated team of quality tradespeople utilise their knowledge and skill to protect and improve your home.

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