Penetrating Damp Treatments

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Diagnosing damp in your home
What is penetrating damp?

Penetrating damp is used to describe the horizontal movement of water into a building through its walls – normally because of some kind of structural defect. The likes of deteriorated mortar and failed damp proof course are usually to blame for damp walls.

If you are experiencing damp in your house, you may think you need to get yourself some penetrating damp treatments to alleviate the problem, but you can save yourself a whole lot of money by letting us solve the problem for you!

Think that our coatings can’t be applied in the winter? Think again! Our coats can be applied all-year round. Help get rid of the smell and feeling of damp when it’s at its worst and you will notice the change almost instantly.

Why choose All Weather Coating?

Our weatherproof coating service protects the exterior walls of your home from all nature can throw at them. Our coatings form a protective layer around the brickwork of your home that prevents anything seeping in through cracks. Sounds stuffy? Not at all. Our coats are microporous so they still allow the bricks to ‘breathe’.

You can thank our weatherproof coatings for preventing damp in old houses. If your home is already suffering from damp, though, you may think that it’s too little, too late. However, with our exterior wall coatings, you will notice a huge change in the fortification of your walls. Our damp proof treatment for walls will massively help to get rid of the symptoms of damp. A dry wall is far more effective at keeping in heat than a damp wall.

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Alleviate the devastating symptoms of penetrating damp with All Weather Coating.

The UK isn’t exactly blessed with 24-hour sunshine –so you will need to be sure to protect the inside of your home from the horrors of what a lot of heavy rain can cause – damp.

If you were wondering how to deal with penetrating damp, you’ve come to the right place – All Weather Coating are experts in curing damp problems.

“Very considerate workmen. Even our neighbours commented on how good they were. The installation crew were just excellent. Our property has been transformed”

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