How to make your home more sustainable

weatherproof coatings

Sustainability is something we should strive for at all times. Whether that means making the most basic, rudimentary change or more grandiose all-encompassing macro alterations, any and all attempts to make the way we live our lives more sustainable should be applauded. Our most heavily ingrained and antiquated institutions are often the most in need of a dramatic overhaul. And the same can be said for the most fundamental unit of human society – the home. As massive consumers of energy and water, our homes are one of the biggest obstacles we have to overcome to achieve a more sustainable future.

Sustainability can be broken down into two neat, manageable definitions. The first, which expresses ‘sustainability’ in general terms, describes it as the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level. The second, which references the use of ‘sustainability’ in terms of the environment, speaks of ‘sustainability’ as the avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance. At All Weather Coating, our services are designed to make your home more sustainable in both senses of the word. Our range of services will help restore your property and improve its sustainability going forward.

Restoring your home’s exterior

Simultaneously a restorative and preventative measure, the application of weatherproof coatings is an important step for many homeowners. In terms of restoring a property, a combination of our render repair service and our exterior wall coating service will comprehensively cover any flaws that may have developed over time. Aesthetically, your home’s exterior will look as good as new. Physically too, your home’s exterior will be vastly improved.

Improving the durability of your home’s exterior

Not only will weatherproof coatings address any vulnerabilities that appear in your home’s exterior – aesthetic or otherwise – they will also imbue your walls with the wherewithal to withstand the weather. Thanks to their composition of a combination of weather and water resistant components, weatherproof coatings are scientifically designed to endure the effects of the weather. At All Weather Coating, we have the specialist equipment and staff to apply wall coatings flawlessly – ensuring your home receives complete coverage. We are so confident in both our products and our method of application that we are more than happy to guarantee our wall coatings for 25 years – how is that for sustainability?

Improving the sustainability of your home

We have already established that our wall coatings will improve the appearance of your home, as well as its durability in the face of tumultuous weather. But how does this affect the sustainability of your home in the environmental sense of the word? Well, because our wall coatings are over twenty times thicker than conventional paint, they are also a vastly superior insulator, which means they improve your home’s ability to retain heat. With a better insulated home, less money and energy has to be committed to maintaining a high temperature inside. By cutting the amount of energy your home consumes, your home is less of a contributor to global warming, helping to create a more sustainable future for all – as well as more financially stable one for yourselves.

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House rendering: Everything you need to know

external render repair

A tried and tested exterior wall rendering service can allow a property to withstand the elements for decades without accruing even a single blemish.  On the other hand, a building that is woefully under-equipped to deal with the everyday stresses of the weather can very quickly deteriorate. How exposed a property is will of course affect the rate at which it does so. But rather than blaming a property’s location for its demise, it is instead more important to accept that all home exteriors incur damage at the hands of the weather. For this reason, it is vital to have some kind of barrier or buffer zone between your home and the weather. The last, and arguably most important, line of defence against marauding weather is your home’s external render. To learn how to maximise its effectiveness – as well as how to repair external render – we have put together this guide to everything you need to know about external rendering.

Exterior wall rendering

As your home’s final line of defence against the elements, it is essential that your house exterior rendering is not only intact, but is also hardy enough to fend off whatever the weather can throw at it. Cracked render needs addressing as soon as it materialises. Rain can quickly accumulate in crevices and cracks before gradually seeping into your home over time. If you do not act swiftly, you can have a very serious penetrating damp situation on your hands. In order to combat penetrating damp, it is worth considering our penetrating damp treatment.  If you want to cut the problem off at its source however, you will need to consider external render repair. Rendering external walls is straight-forward with All Weather Coating on your side, you can simply relax while we do the work, safe in the knowledge that our team are specialists in their field using the best products available (like K Rend).

Pebbledash repair

Repairing pebbledash render meanwhile can be a slightly most cumbersome task. The haphazard arrangement of small stones and rocks makes pebbledash an incredibly unwieldy surface to address – no matter how you choose to do so. Whether you decide to completely remove the existing layer of pebbledash, add another layer of pebbledash on top of it, or decide merely to gloss over any glaring vulnerabilities with an additional layer of paint, you are likely to struggle equally.

All Weather Coating’s pebbledash repair service will make your life a whole lot easier. An experienced group of specialists can resolve your pebbledash issue in a matter of days – for a fraction of the cost of pebbledash removal too.  Using the latest in wall coating technology, our exterior wall coatings are applied methodically and uniformly, ensuring a single speck isn’t missed. By simultaneously covering any deficiencies in the pebble dash render mix whilst reinforcing your home’s defence against the weather, our pebbledash repair methods ensure your home is set for the future.

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How to improve the appearance of your home

exterior house painters

As we are all aware, weather can be an extremely destructive and devastating force. Yet gale-force winds and blinding sheets of rain are not a prerequisite for your home to suffer damage. Even the tamest outburst can discolour a home and pepper the paintwork with stains and smudges. Over time, these imperfections can develop into serious flaws. And these flaws eventually become vulnerabilities through which the weather can afflict your home at will. Alongside the structural damage this creates, it also completely disfigures a home’s exterior. Regardless of whether your choice to hire exterior house painters is spurred by aesthetic or restorative purposes, you will find a solution at All Weather Coating that covers both bases.


Beneath layers of paint and wall coatings, is a property’s render. Exterior wall render is the first layer to be applied to brickwork, but is the last line of defence against invading damp. If you have noticed the tell-tale signs of wear and tear, it could be time to consider updating your render. Overdue or not, cracked render repair is imperative to prevent damp from gradually seeping into your home. The actual process of repairing render is relatively straightforward. After identifying any areas of obvious weakness – which are chipped away – our team of experts will go about applying a fresh coat of render. Composed of a custom mix of sand, cement, lime and silicone, this coat of render will be perfectly allied both visually and chemically to your home’s exterior.

Exterior wall coatings

External render repair, on its own, is not normally enough to guarantee that your home’s exterior stays intact for years. That is why, after any irregularities with the external render have been smoothed over, we take the time to apply our weatherproof coatings. Over twenty times thicker than conventional paint, our weatherproof paint is fortified with an array of scientifically tried and tested components that are designed to maximise your walls’ ability to withstand the caprices of the weather.

Penetrating damp treatment

Unfortunately, if damp has already infiltrated your home, you cannot retrospectively establish preventative measures; you are going to need a remedy – and fast. Fortunately for you, our penetrating damp treatment is more than capable of not only eliminating dampness at its source but ensuring that it never has even a glimmer of hope of returning to your home. Thanks to the inclusion of water-resistant silicone, our exterior wall coatings are tailor-made to combat rain and damp. Testament to the durability of our weatherproof coatings is the 25 year guarantee we provide to all homeowners who elect to install them – you can rest assured that our penetrating damp treatment is a long-term solution rather than a stop-gap quick fix.

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How to weatherproof your house

Weatherproof Wall Coating London

The weather poses an ever-present threat to our homes. And unfortunately, residence in the UK tethers our homes to experiencing more than its fair share of rainfall. Rainfall doesn’t discriminate – it is equally likely to accelerate the advance of penetrating damp horizontally through your walls as it is to overburden your gutters and drains to muscle its way into your home.

Damp, in whatever guise, can be devastatingly damaging. There are however, a host of ways you can safeguard your home against the weather. Distinguishing an effective defense from an ineffective one can be somewhat tricky – which is where we come in.

With close to 20 years’ experience weatherproofing homes, we are better positioned than most to offer the lessons we have learned and the tips and tricks of the trade we have picked up along the way – and that is exactly what we are going to do in this post. Without further ado, here are a number of ways you can effectively weatherproof your home.

Exterior wall coatings

Our most popular offering is our exterior wall coating service. You may be asking yourself: firstly, ‘what is an exterior wall coating?’ And secondly, ‘what is the difference between regular external paint and external wall coatings?’

An exterior wall coating is designed to bolster your home’s weather and water resistance. Unlike standard masonry paint, the composition of an exterior wall coating includes silicon and resin, which, as well as making it 20 times thicker than conventional paint, also makes it extremely durable.  

Not only is this product more than capable of fortifying your home against the weather, we are also happy to ensure that it is applied properly too. We will dispatch a team to survey your home before the application process begins. For more information on exactly how this works, visit this page.

Clear coatings

What service you require hinges on the state of your home. If it is in particularly bad shape, you are likely to want the traditional exterior wall coating service that simultaneously covers your home in a fresh coat of paint in the colour you desire.

From our extensive palette of available colours, you are sure to find one that you love. If however, you are content with the appearance of your home’s exterior, but are instead concerned about its ability to fend off the weather, you may well be better off with a clear coating. Clear coat paint from All Weather Coating possesses all of the same benefits as the standard offering, just without any of the associated design alterations.

No matter the state of your home and the weather it may have to endure, we are confident that at All Weather Coating we can find a solution.

Regardless of the kind of wall coating you go for, you can rest assured that it will stand the test of time – all of our coatings are guaranteed to last for 25 years. To book a site visit today, call us on 0800 169 2049, email or visit our contact page.

How to Deal with Penetrating Damp

Penetrating Damp Treatment London

For the unfamiliar, penetrating damp can be defined as the horizontal movement of water into a building. And unfortunately, simply by living in the UK, it seems you run the risk of suffering from it. The dangers posed by penetrating damp range from genuine health hazards to serious structural risks.

If you do spot any of the signs and symptoms of penetrating damp in your home, it is important to act as quickly as possible. At All Weather Coating, we are determined to help you identify, assess and remedy damp issues as painlessly as possible with our penetrating damp treatment.

What causes penetrating damp?

In order to prevent penetrating damp, you first have to understand what causes it. All water needs is a weakness to exploit. Anything from spalled bricks to overburdened gutters to missing roof tiles can be held culpable for the movement of water into the home. The cause of penetrating damp can be any one of, or a combination of these factors and striving to identify the guilty party is essential. Without this knowledge, you could be patching one hole just to find another has developed elsewhere.

One of the most common antagonists in the fight against penetrating damp however is sub-standard masonry. Defective pointing, porous masonry, failed damp proof course and cracked render can all be to blame. Fortunately for you, whatever the weakness may be, you will find a solution here.

How to get rid of penetrating damp?

The remedy for penetrating damp is dictated by its cause. If water is entering your home through the roof, that may point to missing roof tiles or faulty guttering, both of which would need replacing. If the root cause is masonry-related though, the best thing you can do is to invest in weatherproof wall coatings. The application process is simple, swift and effective. For more information on exactly how this process plays out, click here.

Why are wall coatings the answer?

Guaranteed to protect your home for 25 years, weatherproof coatings from All Weather Coating are imbued with silicon, making them extremely resistant to everything the elements can throw at them.

Our coatings form a protective layer around the external walls of your home to keep water out. We have refined our application process over the course of two decades to ensure that your home receives the best service possible.

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Our wealth of experience in fitting wall coatings for homes of varying shapes and sizes in differing locations, has prepared us to solve any issue you may be experiencing.

Whatever your situation may be, we feel more than well equipped to help you find a solution. To book a site visit to assess the scale of your damp problem and receive a free quote, you can contact one of our team today on 0800 169 2040, email or even use the contact form on our website here.

How to Repair Cracked Render

Cracked Render Repair Services

Starting out as nothing more than a tiny fracture on your home’s exterior, cracked render may seem like a non-issue, but left unattended, it can easily spiral into a major structural issue (not to mention an aesthetic one). Damp can very easily become part of the furniture of your home, making it essential to address any cracks and crevices the instant they appear. The good news is that repairs can be swift and painless – close to two decades of restoring render in UK homes have taught us that.

If you have noticed a crack in your home’s external render, here’s how you can go about repairing it and ensuring that it never becomes an issue again.

What causes render to crack?

Low quality and ill-protected render will always be exposed in testing weather conditions. More often than not though, the way in which the render is applied is just as important as its quality, which serves to highlight the importance of hiring a cracked render repair service rather than taking matters into your own hands.

Applied in the wrong weather conditions, render will fail to last. If the temperature is too low (below 5°C), the curing process will stagnate, causing moisture to be trapped within the render. Too high, and the render will dry out too quickly, resulting in the formation of cracks.

Any form of precipitation is no ally of rendering either – rain, snow and sleet will adversely affect the moisture levels in the render, culminating in shrinkage cracks.

Why is it so important to repair render?

Cracked render is a route through which water can infiltrate your home. Water ingress will lead to perpetual damp in your home – rendering your home cold and damp – the opposite of what a home should be. Over time, continued damp will cause your home to deteriorate drastically; wallpaper will loosen and paints and plasters will decay.

Alongside the practical ramifications of living in a structurally unsound home, there is an array of associated health risks. Bacteria and dust mites flourish in damp conditions, allowing respiratory illnesses to run riot.

How to repair cracked render?

Firstly, we ensure that all areas not being treated are covered – paths and gardens with dust sheets and windows and doors with paper and tape. Small cracks are filled with epoxy resin while larger cracks are treated with special bonding primers before being filled with a sand and cement mixture.

After the render has been given ample time to dry and solidify – and a comprehensive cleaning process has been completed – it is time for the application of a silicon-based weatherproof wall coating. Mixed with an appropriately coloured final coating, the waterproof wall coating is applied using a pump that carefully regulates the ratio of coating to air, resulting in a perfect finish that will protect your home from damage for 25 years.

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What is the difference between exterior masonry paint and exterior wall coatings?

Exterior Masonry Paint Services

There are a number of reasons why you might be looking to resurface the exterior of your home. The brickwork could be beginning to wear away, you might have noticed the appearance of damp, your home may not be quite as well insulated as you would like it to be or, more simply, your paintwork could be flaking and peeling away.

Any of these reasons are as valid as the other for seeking an exterior wall covering solution and any could have led you to ponder the question: what is the difference between exterior masonry paint and exterior wall coatings? Well, you’ve come to the right place; we have close to 20 years’ experience fitting weatherproof wall coatings throughout London and the Home Counties and are more than qualified to clarify the differences.

Why is paint unsuitable for exterior walls?

Typical masonry paint is woefully under-equipped to cover the exterior walls of your home. It simply isn’t composed of hardy enough chemicals to mount a serious defence against the weather.

The thinness of normal paint also doesn’t do it any favours. As well as being far too thin to endure the daily wear and tear imposed on it by the elements, regular paint provides insufficient to properly insulate your home. There should be more to exterior wall coverings than mere appearance.

What separates wall coatings from masonry paint?

Unlike typical masonry paint, weatherproof coatings are custom designed with the explicit intention of protecting your home from the elements. By keeping our finger on the pulse of the latest developments in weatherproofing technology, we always strive to ensure our wall coatings are as weather-resistant as current technology will allow.

One example of this ambition being realised is the incorporation of silicone into our wall coatings. Silicone has demonstrated a superb ability to repel water. It also has the rare distinction of also allowing water vapour to pass freely through it, which is useful for two reasons. One:  any water vapour that forms within the home will be able to leave before it has the chance to accumulate and form damp. Two: the sheer volume of dirt adhering to the surface is dramatically reduced, guaranteeing the longevity of the coatings fresh appearance.

What difference does this make?

All Weather Coating’s exterior wall coating service produces a trifecta of results that simply aren’t attainable using typical exterior masonry paint. They are resilient enough to withstand whatever the weather can throw at them while simultaneously allowing water vapour to escape, they will provide an extra layer of insulation to your home and they are long-lasting – not to mention they look great. We are so confident in their performance that all of our wall coatings are guaranteed to last 25 years.

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Your guide to rendering pebble dash

Pebbledash Repair

Pebbledash, a staple of home exteriors up and down the country, can be tricky to resurface when it begins to fall apart – which is inevitable given that the majority of them were first formed around 70 years ago during the post-war boom. So, if you’re stuck with a crumbling façade of sand, cement and pebbles, what should your next move be?

To help you answer this question, we have put together this guide to everything you need to know about pebbledash.

But first, we have to define exactly what pebbledash is. The exterior wall surface is formed when an array of pebbles are literally thrown at wet render, creating the pebble-strewn walls we are all so familiar with today. It differs slightly from roughcast render, which we could call its cousin. Instead of the pebbles being thrown into the render, roughcast render is formed when the pebbles are already incorporated into the mix of lime, cement, sand and water that we call mortar. Pebbledash then, perhaps the most haphazard of wall surfaces, can also seem to require an equally haphazard solution.

How to remove pebbledash?

Removing pebbledash is an extremely arduous and risk-laden endeavour. Ripping pebbledash forcibly from the walls of your home is bound to invite all kinds of structural issues – not to mention the potential invalidation of your home insurance.

How to cover pebble dash?

One of the first questions that generally pops into their heads of deteriorating pebbledash owners is how can I cover it up? And that is a good question for two reasons – aesthetically, patchy pebbledash is far from pleasing and practically, patchy pebbledash can allow heat out of your home and water into it.

As ever, the answer to this question depends on the ins-and-outs of the individual situation (we will always dispatch a qualified surveyor to comprehensively assess your site before beginning work). One solution which won’t work is the introduction of another layer of pebbledash – your home won’t be able to bear the increased weight. Pebbledash can be covered though; it just has to be done so with a substance that is up to the job, which leads me to the next common question…

How to paint pebble dash?

Paint, as a method of cover, is a no-go. Regular masonry paint is ill-equipped to create a protective weatherproof seal around brickwork. If that wasn’t already enough, the time-consuming nature of such an undertaking is enough to completely derail any hopes you may have harboured of simply painting over your damaged pebbledash. By hand, painting over pebbledash is excruciatingly long-winded and even once accomplished, you can’t be sure that you have covered all the cracks and crevices that are custom to a pebbledash exterior.

Weatherproof wall coatings are another matter altogether however. Many times thicker than traditional paint and infused with weather-resistant silicon, wall coatings are perfect for pebbledash repair. Applied using a highly sophisticated pump that carefully controls the ratio of air to coating, you can be certain to receive a perfectly distributed covering.

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Weather Proof Paint- Save A Lot On Annual Repainting Expenses

Weather Proof Paint

Weather Proof Paint- Save A Lot On Annual Repainting Expenses

Water damage can actually come from a variety of different sources including rain water, surface, underground water as well as from internal sources.

Each year, rain water, ice and snow can expose the exterior of your home to great quantities of water damage in the form of moisture.

From several years, moisture has been historically causing damage to numerous buildings and structures.

Waterproofing roofs or basements of your home may be one way to protect your home and possessions from water damages; however, with weatherproof paint, you can actually extend the life and beauty of your home sweet home.

It is one extremely effective and accomplished way of protecting the charm of your home. There are several types of weather proof paints that exist on the market and with varying degrees of usability, durability as well as price. All Weather Coating is one reliable name that has been offering its quality services since 1999.

Unlike other conventional paints, their wall coating is up to 20 times thicker and is applied by their accomplished specialists.

So, you get an impressive textured finish along with long-lasting results.

Distinguishing Different Home Decorating Contractors

Distinguishing Different Home Decorating Contractors

Our homes are no doubt the best asset of our lives, after spending a hectic day at work; all we look for is the comfort and cosiness that our home offers. Therefore, when considering remodeling your home, it is important to ensure that your home reflects your personality and ideas in the best way. For this you can look for promising home decorating contractors, which is an extremely important step to a successful home remodeling project. Usually, home remodeling or decorating projects are extremely diverse, as it primarily depends on the specifications provided by the owners of the house. Therefore, a contractor that you choose should be someone specialized in successfully incorporating the style and ideas of the owners in the home décor.

Whether it is about remodeling your bathroom, building a new deck, laying wooden flooring or simply painting your house, it is recommended to slow down and take out some time to do some research. All Weather Coating is one prominent choice for wall coating services in UK. Their coating meets the high standards laid down by the BSA or British Standard Authority, thus, you can expect an impressive 25 years of Guarantee from them.