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Exterior wall coating and paint: the key differences


To the naked eye, there isn’t much of a difference between regular paint and wall coatings. A cursory glance reveals little else other than that they both cover the outside of your home in a colour of your choice. Do a little more investigating however, and the differences between the two become increasingly stark. While ordinary masonry paint will deteriorate quickly, leaving your home vulnerable to damp; exterior wall coating is robust enough to protect your home from harm for […]

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Types of exterior wall paints compared


There are a number of reasons for repainting your home’s exterior. If you are thinking purely aesthetically, perhaps your current exterior is looking worn to the point of necessitating a refresh. Alternatively, it could simply be that you have decided on a change of colour. Curative reasons are far more time sensitive. Cracked render in itself, is a massive vulnerability. Left unaddressed, it can catalyse the infiltration of damp into your home, potentially causing thousands of pounds of damage in […]

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Why you shouldn’t paint your home’s exterior on your own


DIY tasks range from the simple and straightforward to the drawn-out and difficult. Painting your home’s exterior with a water repellent coating definitely falls into the latter category. And while painting your home’s interior is definitely achievable, its difficulty pales in comparison to painting your home’s exterior – there are just too many pitfalls. With hopes of explaining just how difficult applying waterproof paint is, and contrasting and comparing it with the effectiveness of a professional service, we have put […]

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How to improve the appearance of your home


As we are all aware, weather can be an extremely destructive and devastating force. Yet gale-force winds and blinding sheets of rain are not a prerequisite for your home to suffer damage. Even the tamest outburst can discolour a home and pepper the paintwork with stains and smudges. Over time, these imperfections can develop into serious flaws. And these flaws eventually become vulnerabilities through which the weather can afflict your home at will. Alongside the structural damage this creates, it […]

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How to weatherproof your house


The weather poses an ever-present threat to our homes. And unfortunately, residence in the UK tethers our homes to experiencing more than its fair share of rainfall. Rainfall doesn’t discriminate – it is equally likely to accelerate the advance of penetrating damp horizontally through your walls as it is to overburden your gutters and drains to muscle its way into your home. Damp, in whatever guise, can be devastatingly damaging. There are however, a host of ways you can safeguard […]

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What is the difference between exterior masonry paint and exterior wall coatings?


There are a number of reasons why you might be looking to resurface the exterior of your home. The brickwork could be beginning to wear away, you might have noticed the appearance of damp, your home may not be quite as well insulated as you would like it to be or, more simply, your paintwork could be flaking and peeling away. Any of these reasons are as valid as the other for seeking an exterior wall covering solution and any […]

What is the difference between exterior masonry paint and exterior wall coatings?2018-03-27T10:56:13+00:00
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