You must have been overwhelmed by the seemingly infinite thoughts and selections to the notion of building the home of your dreams. The appearance of your home’s exterior determines a significant portion of its worth. The home’s exterior should reflect its architectural style, appear beautiful from the street, as well as protect it from humidity and the weather. It must be sustainable and long-lasting for many people — a hard order when all other aspects are taken into account.

A Fresh Exterior Will Enhance your Street Appeal

There’s no disputing that a striking exterior will instantly transform your home. We’ve gathered 15 of the best and most recommended home exterior remodelling and renovation ideas to help you construct the perfect house. 

1.      Windows and Doors with Steel Frames have a Huge Impact 

The return in popularity of doors and windows that are steel-framed has been one of the main external design trends over the past year. Dark windows and doors can create a bold statement and a luxurious touch.

2.      Enlarge the Front Door

A recent trend is to create a broader, more hospitable front door for homes, like ranchers, having small, vague entry zones. Building a “tower” like Colonial-style architecture or simply expanding the front steps and putting glass inserts on the door’s sides are two options. Bringing greater attention to your home’s exterior area is a terrific way to greet visitors while also increasing curb appeal.

3.      Increase the Size of Your Windows

Windows are frequently referred to as the home’s eyes. If you have smaller or fewer windows on your house’s front, it will distract from its appearance while keeping the interior darker. To add depth to your façade, consider widening the windows, installing a picture window, or modifying the size and design of the existing ones.

Rendering pebble dash All weather Coating

Rendering pebble dash All weather Coating

4.      Improve Your Pathway

Make the space towards your front entrance as inviting and appealing as the rest of your house. To make a more complicated and sophisticated path, widen the walkway and add new materials like stamped pavers of concrete. To expand the landscaping’s versatility, you can integrate built-in seats or conversation spots. Ensure to include some added illumination in this area, such as low-level lighting that illuminates the walkway without detracting from its aesthetic appeal at night.

5.      Fences: Your Home’s Enclosure

Any property can benefit from the addition of a fence. Fences ensure children and pets’ safety and add to your home’s curb appeal. Fencing may help define the property’s boundaries while providing elegance and charm. For a fresher look, search for beautiful wood fences with horizontal slats instead of vertical ones, or buy modern, low-maintenance fences of vinyl to keep your property looking fantastic for several years.

6.      Adding a Pop of Colour to the Trim

Using vivid coloured accents is one of the biggest trends in the exteriors of houses. This can be done on the shutters, front door, trim, or ornate woodwork. Look for vivid turquoise, royal blue, or red trim colours that compliment the rest of the exterior while still striking the eye and drawing attention. Just make sure to utilise these colours sparingly, so they don’t overpower the rest of the colour scheme of your property.

7.      A Colourful Front Door will have a Lasting Impact.

There’s no better way to instantly change the atmosphere of your property than to improve its curb appeal. While landscaping and freshly painting the house may do the work, a bright front door is the simplest way to make a big statement.

8.      Sections with a focus

Many individuals just lay horizontal lap siding across the entire exterior of their home, but that is not all. Shingles, corrugated metal, panels, board-and-batten siding, and decorative trim are good choices for updating your home. To provide a stylistic boost to your home, choose different siding designs and use them to draw emphasis to various elements of your exterior, like the upper floors, towers, or corresponding sections like barns or garages.

9.      Your Roof Should Be Updated

Your roof has a huge impact on the appearance and functionality of your home. Look to replace your roof with modern, artistic shingles if it is outdated. Here are some best roofing ideas:

  • Artistic roof shingles have far more dimensions than standard asphalt ones, and they’re now engineered to deflect UV rays, keeping your property cooler in the process. 
  • Using a standing seam metal roof on contemporary houses is another option for changing your roof; seek metallic roofs in a lighter or cooler hue to keep up with the latest roofing trends. 
  • Consider a tile roof for houses with older architecture.
  • Newer concrete roof tiles are more durable than earlier clay ones, but with various designs and styles, you’ll have no issue expressing an opinion on your property.

10. Your Chimney’s Roof

Is your house’s chimney protected from the outdoors and tiny animals by a cap? Chimney caps are an essential part of this functional portion, but they may also offer your roofline a lot of visual interest. Consider adding a stylish cap of wrought iron or stone to your chimney to draw attention to it while also protecting your roof.

11. Improve the Look of Your Driveway

Your driveway is an essential aspect of your property’s curb appeal that should not be disregarded. Permeable driveway pavers can offer stability, or consider a more ornamental choice like bricks or stamped concrete pavers to lend a final touch to the façade.

12. Make Landscaping Changes

When it comes to your property’s exterior, never underestimate the value of landscaping. Adding some strategically placed plants and bushes against your house can disguise many things while also adding colour and liveliness to the area. Just make sure you don’t block any light sources or windows while planting.

13. Add an Outdoor Shower

The outdoor shower, an essential element of any coastal home, is the ideal addition to any oceanfront home, specifically if the residents are frequent beachgoers. They’re also suitable for pets who enjoy spending time in the water.

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14. Outside Living Spaces

This year, outdoor living spaces are in high demand, especially as more people remain in and party at home. Outdoor dining areas, fire pits, gazebos, and fireplaces will all increase the value of your home. Overall, updating your home’s exterior space to create an inviting environment can increase its appeal to potential purchasers.


15. Add Lighting to the Exterior

By installing outside lighting, you can ensure that your façade is visible at all times of the day and night. Sconces, accent lights, and over-the-door lights can all illuminate your outside at night, making it more visible and straightforward to navigate for visitors arriving after dark. If your property has big overhangs beneath the roof, you may also install some subtle lighting in this area to help define your roofline at night.


Your property’s exterior will make the initial impression, whether you’re an investor attempting to attract prospective buyers or a homeowner seeking to impress the neighbourhood. If you want to improve your curb appeal, you’ll need to invest in an external renovation. Do your homework and develop an exterior remodelling design that works best for your home and fits your budget. Then, by implementing the above suggestions, you can ensure that your house provides an excellent first impression, regardless of who is looking at it.