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For many, the most telling difference between living on the coast and living inland is the pace of lifestyle. As experts in repairing and weatherproofing home exteriors however, we take a very different perspective on the critical differences between coastal properties and inland properties. Most prominent of all of these differences – and most deserving of our immediate attention – is the amount of punishment from the elements coastal properties have to weather. Proximity to the sea brings with it colder temperatures, higher wind speeds and increased risk of dampness, all of which are threats capable of inflicting real damage. To give you an outline of the main issues facing coastal homes – and how best to deal with them – we have put together this post.

Rising sea levels

Far from a distant problem preoccupying only the residents of faraway atoll islands, rising sea levels, emboldened by global warming, are encroaching on properties throughout the British Isles. With no remedy other than relocation, being subsumed by the sea is by some distance the worst fate to befall a coastal home. And with the Environment Agency predicting that 2700 houses will fall victim to rising sea levels in the next fifty years, the likelihood of this

Spray of salt water

For waterfront properties, the occasional spray of saltwater from the ocean must feel like nothing more than a minor inconvenience, certainly not something worth losing any sleep over. In reality though, especially over a prolonged period of time, this seemingly harmless spray of salt water can have a deteriorative effect on your home’s exterior. Saltwater is corrosive, even to concrete. As well as whittling away at your home’s exterior paint, it can ingratiate itself in your home’s foundations, leading to instability further down the line.

Sun, sea and sand

Add to these issues the cumulative effect of exposure to sunlight, sand particles slamming into the walls and the infamously forceful and battering sea breeze and it becomes inevitable that your home’s exterior will eventually begin to show the effects. Chips, scratches and general wear and tear are just an accepted part of living in a coastal area.

How to defend and repair a coastal property

Weatherproofing your home in tandem with All Weather Coating can simultaneously be a restorative and a precautionary measure. If your property is already suffering from the issues that are so synonymous with existence in a coastal area, a visit from All Weather Coating is well overdue. The scrapes and scratches that materialise after years of buffeting with wind, water and sand can be painlessly rectified by our expert team. Even more severe structural defects can be remedied by our comprehensive repair process.

As well as being vastly experienced, our expert team is tremendously adept at recognising every flaw present in the exterior of a property. After liaising with the homeowner, our team will conduct a thorough survey of your home, taking care to note every scrape and scratch. Based on this survey, they will then go about correcting any and all issues. By the time they are finished (in the space of no longer than a few days) your home will not only be repaired, but prepared to face whatever the weather can throw at it. Our weatherproof coatings make sure of that!