To the naked eye, there isn’t much of a difference between regular paint and wall coatings. A cursory glance reveals little else other than that they both cover the outside of your home in a colour of your choice. Do a little more investigating however, and the differences between the two become increasingly stark. While ordinary masonry paint will deteriorate quickly, leaving your home vulnerable to damp; exterior wall coating is robust enough to protect your home from harm for decades at a time. To explain why wall coatings are a superior choice to normal paint for your home’s exterior, we have covered three of the key differences between the two.

Wall coatings’ exceptional durability can be explained by their chemical composition. Crafted from a precise blend of paint, resins and minerals, wall coatings are hardy enough to resist the attacks of even the most severe weather conditions. Every component is selected for a reason. Lightfastness, fungal and algal growth prevention, mechanical strength and water resistance are all vital considerations that go into the creation of wall coatings. Ordinary masonry paints, in comparison, just aren’t built to last.


After first application, the difference between using normal masonry paint and external wall coatings isn’t exactly crystal clear. Over time however, the difference in quality quickly becomes apparent. Iron oxide pigments included in external wall coatings give them outstanding lightfastness. Comparatively ill-suited masonry paints will lose their vibrancy after just a few months of trying weather conditions. Our wall coatings retain their original lustre for decades. In fact, we are so confident of their longevity that we guarantee them for twenty-five years.

Preventing fungal and algal growth

Unlike most paints, our wall coatings are designed to combat fungal and algal growth. Overlooking the severity of the threat of biological weathering is a mistake you can’t afford to make. Biological weathering can dismantle an otherwise well-assembled home exterior. To protect against this threat, we imbue our wall coatings with biocides. Rigorously tested for months prior to their inclusion, our biocides are always meticulously prepared to help protect your home.

Weather resistance/ mechanical strength

Resin makes up the backbone of our exterior wall coating. They are designed to give our wall coatings the protection they need to secure the health of your home’s exterior for decades at a time. While resin fortifies wall coatings by improving their mechanical strength, plasticiser makes wall coatings more resistant by improving their flexibility. Wall coatings need to be flexible to endure the damaging contraction and expansion that comes with changing temperatures.

Hopefully this post has given you an understanding of the importance of the precise composition of wall coatings, and how each of the individual components that make up wall coatings coalesce to create a great-looking, durable product that is far superior to standard paint.