Restore your home to its past glories with All Weather Coating’s superb pebbledash repair service

If you’re in a bit of domestic distress about what to do about pebbledash in desperate need of repair – then look to All Weather Coating to give your outside walls the TLC that they both need and deserve!

What is pebbledash?

Put simply, pebbledash rendering is a combination of mortar (a mixture of lime, cement, sand and water) and pebbles that is often used as the outermost exterior wall coating. Similar but not quite identical is roughcast render. What separates pebbledash render and roughcast render is little more than the method of application.

While the process of creating pebbledash render involves adding pebbles on top of wet render, roughcasting incorporates these small pebbles directly into the render mixture. For all intents and purposes though, they are identical and you will find remedies for ailing versions of both here.

Pebbledash is often in need of repair due to the pebbles on the exterior crumbling off from general wear and tear over time – just look outside your home after a bout of heavy rain and you’ll even spot some of the pebbles lying on the floor! When your pebbledash is crumbling, your walls are compromised as water can get in and cause damage to your foundations.

Pebbledash Repair

Can you paint pebbledash?

Repairing the pebbledash outside your home can be a real nuisance due to a number of factors. If you’re wondering ‘what is the best masonry paint for pebbledash?’ Don’t bother. Painting pebbledash is time-consuming and will merely mask the underlying issues. Alternatively, covering pebbledash with an entirely new layer is equally unrealistic. As well as being extremely costly, your home will be ill-equipped to cope with the added weight.

Why choose All Weather Coating?

Thankfully, we can provide you with a solution to this tricky problem. Using our method of exterior wall coatings, we can provide your home with much-needed protection against the weather – with our wall coating that protects against the elements. If the pebbledash exterior of your home has started to crack and crumble, don’t delay, contact us today.

Pebbledash rendering cost varies depending on the materials involved and the extent of the damages. For a free quote simply get in touch.

Still not convinced? Let us have a chat with you about the solution to your problem and we’re sure we can give you the treatment your home needs to keep the cold out and its foundations strong! Simply call us on 0800 169 2049 or visit our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!

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