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  • External house painting and rendering

Specialists in Exterior Property Renovation

Unprotected render doesn’t last very long – which means you pay for the initial work then again in the future when it starts to crumble.  But a property makeover doesn’t need to cost the earth.

At All Weather Coating we can restore, weatherproof and protect any external rendering we carry out, whether your project is just a repair or a complete re-render. We treat the following issues:

  • Old balding pebbledash
  • Cracks
  • Uneven rendering repairs
  • Spalling (flaking) brickwork
  • Crumbling paint
  • Re-pointing
  • Blown (detached) render
  • Penetrating damp

You can save thousands of pounds by improving your home with high-quality exterior render repair and wall coating.

What can we help with?

Growth of algae can discolour surfaces and show that the render is damp.


You may have repaired areas around your home which need to match the rest of the property. It’s more economical to deal with all faults at the same time.


The smooth render which forms a plinth around the house can become faulty and cracked.


The surface of the bricks flakes away leaving the porous material inside open to the weather. It absorbs water which can freeze and expand, causing more damage. Between bricks the pointing loosens and falls out, letting in even more moisture.

Spalling2 Spalling

Pebble 1

Pebble dash (render with pebbles added) is even more vulnerable. It can have cracks ranging from a few inches to several feet long and – where the surface has been repaired with sand and cement – uneven patches with different textures.

Pebble2  Pebble 3

Here, there are unsightly repairs and gaps where pipes have been installed.

When the surface is tapped with a hammer, the sound difference in some places tells us there are hollows underneath.

Here pebbles become loose and fall out, leaving sizeable pits in the surface into which water finds its way, with disastrous results when it freezes.

Pebble 4

Pebble 5

Pebble 6

Because the pebbles are set in the same material as render, heat and cold have the same damaging effect.



Because render is not flexible it cracks when heated and contracts in the cold. The tiny fractures created let in water which gets behind the render and can freeze.



This forces the render away from the wall and expands the cracks, letting in more water to add to the damage. Worryingly, all this can happen virtually invisibly so you have apparently sound surfaces only barely attached to the brickwork beneath.

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