Living in a coastal home can be bliss with its sea breeze and breathtaking view. You also feel fresh and healthy, but when was the last time your coastal homes looked fresh? How often do you paint your coastal homes? 


Those who care about their building’s appearance have confessed to painting their home every year; why? Cause paint chips keep falling off the walls. The sea breeze and moisture can even cause cracks and dents on your exterior walls!


Most often, people get frustrated with repainting every year and let their building deteriorate or in worst cases; they even shift locations! 


But, hey! Don’t worry; we got a solution!


Get your home a makeover! Doing it with high-quality textured masonry protection paints can ensure your coastal homes retain their beauty.


We aren’t fluffing here! 


Read on as we elaborate on why textured masonry protection paint is the best solution for coastal homes and how these masonry coatings are better than regular paints. 

Exterior Masonry Paint Services

How is the exterior wall of your coastal home affected by its location?

As breezy as it seems, staying near the coast has its backlogs. If you are located near the shores, you can expect more maintenance than inland and commercial properties on your building’s exterior. The main things that can potentially harm your building’s exterior are high humidity, salty breeze and sand.


High Humidity

Naturally, the coastal regions tend to have high humidity. In other words, there is a high moisture level in the air. This means your exterior walls are at the risk of moisture penetration and eventual fungal or mould growth. 


If you don’t take these mild signs seriously, the mould growth can potentially develop into cracks and deteriorate the entire building in the long run. That’s why people often keep repairing and repainting their coastal homes.


Salty Breeze

Salt corrodes. The humidity in these coastal regions is already high, but things worsen as these moisture molecules carry sea salt. Brace yourself, as the salty breeze can cause fading, peeling, and chipping of the paint layers. 



If you already live in a coastal region, unexpected sand-driven breezes are not new. These breezes are famous for exploiting the outer surface of your walls and windows. These sand particles can scratch the wall surfaces and eventually erode the paint layers. 


Now, apart from these main troubles, you can also expect some unexpected climatic damages like,

  • Windy rains and cyclones (Homes cannot escape from these salty rain pours)
  • Rising sea levels
  • Weather changes causing erosion


What are textured masonry paints? 

These are acrylic-based exterior paints that are suitable for various surfaces. They provide great coverage and adhere to almost all coarse surfaces like brick, wood, concrete, stone, pebbledash, tiles, etc.


The textured masonry paints are thick and provide a rough finish. These masonry finishes are more durable and weather-resistant, unlike regular paints. 


Some of the features of the textured masonry paints include,

  • Suitability for exterior applications
  • Provides a rough or coarse texture
  • Withstands extreme weather conditions
  • Ease of applying small uneven surfaces
  • Completely hides minor cracks and dents


Another advantage of using textured masonry paint includes the availability at different thickness levels. Depending on the surface condition and damage, you can choose suitable coverage levels. Usually, 2 to 3 layers are applied to achieve the desired finish.


Why is textured masonry paint the best solution for coastal homes?


Great Weather Protection

Coastal regions experience extreme climates, thanks to the lovely cyclones and tornadoes! The steady wind-driven rain and high humidity also contribute to the wall’s moisture penetration and dampness.


Wherever moisture goes, mould grows!


Textured masonry paints provide excellent weather-protecting service to the building. It behaves like a barrier and stops the rainwater and salty moisture from penetrating the building. It also binds the wall surface together and protects it from water-prone cracks and damage. 


The fading and chipping wall paints are also negligible as the textured masonry paints can withstand extreme temperatures.

coastal home

coastal home

Better Insulation Quality

The masonry paints are great insulators. They provide the required insulation for the building by controlling the heat loss. Eventually you will save your bills!


Even though the masonry paints ensure that the external walls are damp resistant and weather-proof, it also behaves as a breathable layer. It stops rain and water molecules yet provides thermal conductivity.


Whether the building is made of a cavity wall, these paints can help your building retain temperatures longer.


Attractive Exteriors

Who doesn’t like a fresh-looking building? These textured masonry paints will gift you a 

breathtakingly new finish to your building for years to come. The texture and finish of the paint are so neat that it almost fades all the blemishes and marks from previous damage.


Since coastal homes often fade and chip paint layers easily, having a textured masonry finish allows you to have the best exterior appearance. 


Want to know the best part? You can enjoy this gorgeous view of your building without worrying about maintaining or reworking it!


Supports the structural damages and dents

Regular paints fail miserably against the exterior influence and create cracks. Often moisture and salty air are the criminals behind the cracks and dents in your walls. This is because the regular paints allow moisture penetration, thus damaging the walls and structural components of the building.


Masonry paints protect against these moisture molecules, thus eventually doing a better job in protecting the building’s structural components. 



Even though regular water-based paints have a reputation for poor performance in the past, the advance in the formulation has landed us in better and more durable acrylic-based paint options like textured masonry paints. 


Everything requires maintenance and care; however, textured masonry paints make your job easy. Painting every year can be profitable. But you won’t be the one profiting; instead, it will be your painter. 


Having a coastal home is an amazing feeling, but maintaining the building will help you cherish the building in the long run.


If you cherish your view and stay near the coast that much, why not enjoy such extravagance from a breathtaking fresh-looking building?