Project Description

This house in Stocking Pelham, Hertfordshire was built in 2005 with a timber frame construction.

Unfortunately some of the mesh attached under the render had come loose, resulting in substantial cracking which needed fixing.

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Work Description

1. Preparation

Apply fungicide to front and right elevation of the property, leave overnight to kill spores in the render then wash off

2. Repair

Open up cracks to the render so new mesh can be securely fixed by drilling and fixing screws with washers into timbers
Fill the voids by applying a two-coat render to the open cracked areas

3. Masking

Mask up windows, doors, gutters, down pipes, eaves, brickwork and surrounding areas to protect during the next stage

4. Primer Coat

Apply Andura Classic Primer by brush, leave to dry

5. Final Coat

As the newly repaired cracks are flush and the existing render is reasonably flat, we can use Andura Fine Texture wall coating to complete the job. As you can see, the finish is fantastic.