Project in Oakwood Description

The owner of this property in Oakwood was looking for an effective, economical solution for severely cracked walls.

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Work Description

Restoration and Repair

  1. Remove old and flaking paint, apply fungicide
    Remove damaged render, hack out surface cracks and reinstate them with appropriate materials – every care is taken to achieve an invisible repair
    2. Masking

Mask up windows, doors and surrounding areas to protect them

3. Bag Rubbing

Brush an SBR (bonding agent) mortar mix called bag rubbing on to the walls to cover imperfections and act as a base for the next stage

4. Primer Coat

Apply Andura Classic Primer to the walls using thick brushes to ensure strong adhesion

5. Final Coat

Spray Andura Classic 21 on the walls to create a great uniform finish and protect the walls for the next 25 years