Project Description

The residents of a large block of flats in Hunstanton, Norfolk, had had enough of redecorating their external walls every three years due to the ravages of the salty sea air! They needed a long-term solution.

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Work Description

1. Preparation

The high build-up of paint on the exterior walls had an abrasive finish to trap dust and dirt so we use a needle gun to remove it.
Remove large areas of render because damp has seeped in behind
Grind out cracks and fill with an epoxy resin
Use a dryzone damp course treatment on various parts of the properties to help prevent rising damp
Fillet a damp course membrane under the coping stones to help stop render behind the parapets detaching
2. Masking

Mask up windows, doors and drainpipes. This process was carried out in stages to avoid inconveniencing the occupiers any longer than necessary. As most of the flats were holiday homes, we worked on them during the off-peak season.

3. Bag Rubbing

Bag rubbing is vital to help remove scars and imperfections from the walls, as well as stabilise the rendered surface so the next stage (primer) adheres well.

4. Primer Coat

The previous stage has ensured an even finish, so we apply the primer with a roll rather than a brush.

5. Final Coat

Spray Andura Classic 21 on to the wall surface for an amazing end result.