Penetrating Damp Treatment London

For the unfamiliar, penetrating damp can be defined as the horizontal movement of water into a building. And unfortunately, simply by living in the UK, it seems you run the risk of suffering from it. The dangers posed by penetrating damp range from genuine health hazards to serious structural risks.

If you do spot any of the signs and symptoms of penetrating damp in your home, it is important to act as quickly as possible. At All Weather Coating, we are determined to help you identify, assess and remedy damp issues as painlessly as possible with our penetrating damp treatment.

What causes penetrating damp?

In order to prevent penetrating damp, you first have to understand what causes it. All water needs is a weakness to exploit. Anything from spalled bricks to overburdened gutters to missing roof tiles can be held culpable for the movement of water into the home. The cause of penetrating damp can be any one of, or a combination of these factors and striving to identify the guilty party is essential. Without this knowledge, you could be patching one hole just to find another has developed elsewhere.

One of the most common antagonists in the fight against penetrating damp however is sub-standard masonry. Defective pointing, porous masonry, failed damp proof course and cracked render can all be to blame. Fortunately for you, whatever the weakness may be, you will find a solution here.

How to get rid of penetrating damp?

The remedy for penetrating damp is dictated by its cause. If water is entering your home through the roof, that may point to missing roof tiles or faulty guttering, both of which would need replacing. If the root cause is masonry-related though, the best thing you can do is to invest in weatherproof wall coatings. The application process is simple, swift and effective. For more information on exactly how this process plays out, click here.

Why are wall coatings the answer?

Guaranteed to protect your home for 25 years, weatherproof coatings from All Weather Coating are imbued with silicon, making them extremely resistant to everything the elements can throw at them.

Our coatings form a protective layer around the external walls of your home to keep water out. We have refined our application process over the course of two decades to ensure that your home receives the best service possible.

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Whatever your situation may be, we feel more than well equipped to help you find a solution. To book a site visit to assess the scale of your damp problem and receive a free quote, you can contact one of our team today on 0800 169 2040, e or even use the contact form on our website here.