house exterior wall tyrolean rendertyrolean render on a wall

Rendering is a common practice of making the outer walls of homes stronger and beautiful. Rendering gives a finishing touch that you look for and also adds the extra sheet of protection on your exterior walls against dust, pollution, and general wear and tear like plasters do to interior walls. Rendering could be done in both new homes or the ones where you are remodeling. One of the popular types of rendering is tyrolean render.

What is Tyrolean render?

Tyrolean Render is a kind of polymer cement used commonly for both residential and commercial buildings in several places. To do this type of rendering, the suction power of the walls must be strong. It can help you cover walls with bricks, concrete, and masonry. The finishing is quite rough and pebble-like that giving it an extremely aesthetic look. 

It is a white powder in its original form. However, you can dye it in any color you want using water and your preferred dye color. Not only on exterior walls, but you can use tyrolean render on interior walls as well. It can be done either by manual method or using a tyrolean flicker gun.

wall render

wall render

How to apply Tyrolean Render?

Applying tyrolean render on your preferred wall can become quite an easy task if you follow a few simple steps. There are a few tools that you will require while rendering the wall and these include:

  • Bucket and trowel for mixing tyrolean
  • Flicker gun for rendering the walls
  • Scratch comb and a tension bar

With these few tools, you can renovate your wall or prepare a new wall without much effort. Let’s now understand how to apply tyrolean render on walls:

  • In case it’s not a new wall, you will have to carefully inspect the wall for any damage or crack and repair it before proceeding with rendering. Without doing so, you might miss out on the damaged corners that will result in poor rendering results.
  • Secondly, the wall must be cleaned to remove dust and debris in order to get a perfect finishing. You can use a hose to clean it but make sure the pressure is not too high to avoid any moisture being trapped in the wall.
  • After all of this is done cover the nearby areas of the wall that you do not wish to render using a drop cloth and masking tape. You can cover windows, its border, doors, or everything near the wall. Measure the area and cut the drop cloth or brown paper accordingly and stick it using masking tape.
  • Now that you are done with all this, you can begin with the mixing of the tyrolean powder. Using water and tyrolean in a bucket, mix them well. You can add color dye if you want some other color than its original one.
  • Now it’s time to apply the first coat. The mixture must be thick and creamy. The first coat must be done carefully to cover all the areas. For better results, it is recommended to use a tyrolean flicker gun. After applying the first coat, use the scratch comb to give it a finish and make it even.
  • When it dries, you must apply another coat to give a strong and better finishing. Another coat should also be applied using a tyrolean flicker gun. After it gets dry completely, enjoy the new look of your home.

The tyrolean render looks beautiful in its own way, however, you can also paint it with your preferred color. By following the right process of painting a tyrolean wall, you can easily paint it in your preferred color.

Benefits of applying Tyrolean Render

Every type of render has its own set of benefits and tyrolean also brings you some noteworthy advantages. The very basic is the beautiful rugged design of the wall. Every time you see it, it feels like touching it. Apart from this, other benefits include:

  • Tyrolean render is very good for harsh weather conditions and areas with extreme climates.
  • Due to the presence of silicone, to some extent, it has waterproof qualities as well. So, for areas with a frequent rainy season, tyrolean render could be a good choice.
  • It is a great idea of covering the walls that you find not too good. Be it bricks or cement that has started fading its color, you can cover them using tyrolean render.
  • It increases the life of your home’s walls by providing this extra layer of protective shield.
  • Last but not the least, this is also one of the cost-effective ways of renovating the walls of your house.

These are some of the highlighting features of tyrolean render and you can choose to have it on the walls of your house anytime. Choose the color of your choice, get the render ready, set up the wall to be painted, and begin with the process. Do not forget to use tyrolean flicker guns for doing this task as they are specifically built to ease your task of tyrolean rendering.