Penetrating Damp Treatments: The Cause, Treatment and Endeavor For Revamp

The Problem

Every time rising damp is diagnosed, it is imperative to have the condition properly treated, since failure to do so could cause a great deal of devaluation and damage to any property, not to mention the health hazards involved, such as, asthma. It is not adequate to simply cover the problem with a special paint in the hope that the dilemma would go away. Just by avoiding the rising dampness up the wall in the first place could rising dampness be effectively contained.

Chemical Treatments

Until now, the most extensively employed methodology of attaining this had been of injecting water-repellent liquids into the wall under pressure. Though this method has confirmed to be effectual, it is recognized to have a number of difficulties; for instance, it introduces large amounts of fluid carrier into the wall, prolonging the drying out phase. The procedure is operator dependent and very slow.

Endeavor For Penetrating Damp Treatments

Endeavor for Penetrating Damp Treatments with certain products generally fail owing to the deficiency of effectual preparation work. These products are only the same as well as the surface to which they are applied and hence exhaustive and very systematic preparation of the surface is obligatory before their application.