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repairing cracks in external rendered walls

Walk almost any street in the UK, glance around, and you will see that many of the homes surrounding you are rendered. Here, we take this additional layer of cement, lime and sand almost for granted. To us, a home isn’t a home without it. But why is that the case? Does external render repair fulfil an aesthetic purpose or a practical one – or maybe even both? To answer these questions, and to explain the importance of repairing cracks in external rendered walls, we have put together this post.

Repairing external rendered walls improves the appearance of your home

When it comes to our homes, whether we’d like to admit it or not, often our first consideration is an aesthetic one. If it doesn’t look good, why would we be interested? As the outermost layer of our home, render certainly plays a defining role in shaping its appearance. Done correctly, repairing cracks in external rendered walls can have a transformative impact – taking a worn down, tired exterior and changing it into a gleaming surface. The external waterproof render used can be tailored to match both the texture and colour of your home.

Silicone render improves the durability of your home’s exterior

First and foremost, external render serves a protective purpose. Composed of the right blend of materials and minerals, an exterior render mix should be more than capable of deflecting whatever conditions the weather can inflict upon your home. Imbued with water-resistant silicone, our exterior render paint is able to emerge unscathed irrespective of conditions – whether temperatures are high and low or conditions are windy and rainy, they will fail to have an impact. Without render, you lose this layer of protection and your home is left vulnerable to the elements, which is why it is so important to conduct external wall crack repair as soon as even a hint of a problem materialises.

Exterior wall rendering helps insulate your home

A less important but nevertheless significant property of the best exterior render paints is their ability to insulate. As well as keeping the outside world out, it is also capable of helping your home keep heat in. By increasing the breadth of your home with another layer of material, it bolsters your home’s ability to retain heat – a quality that will help lessen the load on your finances by minimising the amount of resources you have to expend to maintain the temperature of your home. If your home’s render becomes damaged, you lose this crucial buffer zone that provides both warmth and protection.

Rendering a house: before and after

In summary then, a fully rendered home holds a number of advantages over one that isn’t. Aesthetically superior, more durable and financially sustainable, it is easy to see why rendered homes have become both the norm and the standard. Repairing cracked render walls can be completely painless with a wall coating specialist on side. If your own home is in need of render wall repair, simply get in touch with All Weather Coating by phone, email or online to set about resolving your external rendering problem.