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What to do if you spot a crack in your home’s exterior


The most unwelcome of house guests, cracked render is only ever greeted with a grimace. As with any other failing fixture in your home, it doesn’t take all that much for a great deal of anxiety about the sure-to-be costly solution to the problem to creep in. It doesn’t help that a crack in your home’s exterior seems like as major a problem as you are likely to encounter; it is literally a hole in your home’s defenses.   Panicking, […]

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How to identify and repair cracked external render


‘Exterior rendering’. You may never have actually heard the term before, but if you want your home to have any chance whatsoever of standing up to the weather for years to come, you are going to want to get it acquainted with it – and fast. Fortunately for you, we have put together this post that aims to outline everything you need to know. In this crash course on rendering you will learn how to identify whether your home’s render […]

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How to Repair Cracked Render


Starting out as nothing more than a tiny fracture on your home’s exterior, cracked render may seem like a non-issue, but left unattended, it can easily spiral into a major structural issue (not to mention an aesthetic one). Damp can very easily become part of the furniture of your home, making it essential to address any cracks and crevices the instant they appear. The good news is that repairs can be swift and painless – close to two decades of […]

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