cracked render repair

Rain can affect your home in any number of different ways. Flooding, penetrating damp and chemical weathering are just three of many ways rain can wreak havoc with homes across the UK. The threat posed by rain is certainly a substantial one but it can be minimised with the right preventative measures in place. At All Weather Coating, we firmly believe in the efficacy of applying weatherproof coatings. As both a preventative and a restorative measure, protective wall coatings are equally suitable for cracked render repair or for those who have already suffered from damp. In this post, we are going to walk you through the various ways rain can infiltrate your home and how best to stave off its attacks with the help of our exterior wall coatings.

Water damage: The threat

By some distance, rain poses the most significant threat to homeowners. At its worst, in large volumes, the sheer force of water can cause thousands of pounds worth of flooding damage. Without a robust barrier dividing your home from the elements, rain can damage your home in a more covert manner too. Over time, water can seep into your home horizontally by exploiting vulnerabilities in your home’s walls. Penetrating damp can rot away the wooden spine of your home. With damp too, there is also the possibility of black mould forming, which has been linked with a range of respiratory issues.

Water damage: The solution

Rain therefore, is able to infect your home in a variety of guises. Given the versatility of its attack, what is the best way to guard against it? In short, external wall coatings are the most effective preventative measure you can take against the advance of rain and damp. Properly applied, a waterproof coating will cover every inch of your home’s exterior, offering infallible resistance against rain.

What to do if you have suffered water damage in the past

If you have been unfortunate enough to have already been on the receiving end of rain damage you need to diagnose the flaw that allowed water to infiltrate your home in the first place. One of the most prominent of which is damaged or cracked render. Restoring this surface to its original condition can be tricky. Entrusting the task to the right team though can make it a completely painless process. We can apply our weatherproof exterior wall coatings to the outside of your home in a matter of days, repairing cracked render and making your home better protected than it ever had been in the past.

Get in touch for more details

If you have any questions about the cracked render repair process or damp proofing in London, please do not hesitate to get in touch. As well as providing you with an overview of the entire method, the products we use and the experience and expertise of our staff, we typically arrange a site visit to assess the state of your property and devise a plan for the best way to move forward.