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Do you ever wonder how interior designers make painting a house appear so simple? Well, it’s not as simple as you might think, but with these professional suggestions, you can learn from the pros and complete a work you’ll be pleased of!

After all, how hard can it be to dip a brush into the paint and rub it on a wall? Most “regular” people may take painters for granted. If you’ve ever watched a skilled decorator at work, you’ll notice that it’s not as simple as they make it appear.

Why would a decorator take shortcuts on a painting project?

Well, we live in a world where almost anyone may call oneself a painter, from off-duty firefighters and milkmen to unemployed persons, and always for money! 

Although there are exceptions, few of these part-timers are good, so if you want your home painted professionally, you’ll have to dig deep into your budget. If you have the financial means to hire a painter, do your research and remember that the most costly quotation you obtain may not be the best quote or estimate.



What if you wish to try your hand at house painting?

No issue, and despite the scary cautions, doing some of your own decorating may be enjoyable and satisfying.

Who hasn’t had that satisfying feeling of standing back from a freshly painted wall and thinking, “I did that!”Today, we’re bringing you some decorating suggestions straight from the decorator’s mouth so that you can repeat the above statement with a smile on your face rather than bawling your eyes out.

Some house painting tips and tricks from the pros

Here are the five most popular decorating suggestions:

1.     First and foremost, don’t believe that decorating is simple.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that painting or decorating is simple. There’d be no requirement for the thousands of decorating contractors worldwide if it were simple.

If you don’t have the required materials and equipment, as well as the knowledge and confidence to paint, particularly outside, please hire a professional painter!

Getting a quote for a house painting is simple and quick, and a professional painter will do the task quickly and with long-lasting results.

We recommend getting no more than three bids and never choosing the cheapest because it will be inexpensive for a reason, and it will rarely be satisfying.

2.     Preparation is the essential aspect of any home decorating project.

Always spend more time preparing for the main painting than you might paint it. Good decorators spend roughly 60% – 70% of every job on prep work, making painting a lot easier for all of them and resulting in a superior finish!

This includes using filler, peeling off old paint, killing grouting mould or silicone filling cracks, and filling in beading gaps surrounding windows, among other things.

I know it sounds like “teaching granny to eat eggs.” Still, you’d be surprised how so many eager novice painters make a complete mess of the job and become upset and frustrated because they didn’t realise how much prep work they needed to do or thought buying “one-coat” paint would get the job done faster! (By the way, it won’t.)

As a side note, you should always avoid one-coat paints because of their poor opacity.

3.     In all elements of painting and decorating, consider quality.

Always invest in the highest-quality tools, paints, brushes, and rollers you can afford. This is especially true of the paint you purchase. Always go for high-quality, branded paint, as inferior paint will only last half as long and cost you twice as much.

Cheap brushes, for instance, should be avoided since they hold less paint, requiring you to work extra hard for a 50% lower quality paint finish.

Furthermore, a cheap brush would almost surely shed its bristles on your paint, potentially spoiling the job, mainly if you’re painting in gloss. You’ll understand what I’m talking about if you’ve ever attempted to extract a hair from the centre of a freshly glossed doorway having paint on your fingers!



4.     First, do all of your cutting and edges.

Before applying the significant mass of the paint, a professional painter will focus on the edges, beneath windows, around corners, door frames, and nooks and crannies, whether painting internally or exterior.

If you do this before starting on your main wall, you will discover that the entire process will go much faster and yield better results.

Always begin at the top of any wall and work your way down, only dipping the brush around a quarter full into the pot, or additional paint will drip down the brush and onto your fingers, as well as the possibility of drips.

If you observe a professional painter at work, pay attention to his hands as the first thing you won’t notice is paint all over them; instead, it will be on the wall, where it belongs!

Remembering to lay down old blankets or dust sheets will also help you perform a better job; after all, what’s the point of painting for two days and then cleaning up all the paint spills and drips for another two days? Cover all window sills with masking tape and old newspaper.

5.     Paint like a pro 

Dress like a pro, act like one, think like a pro, and you will actually be a pro!


It’s often a matter of mindset and how carefully you approach each painting assignment. Learn from the professionals; there is much more information on the internet than the five items given here. 

Use a paint kettle (a small paint container with a handle that may easily be used to support a ladder.) Spills and drips should always be avoided in places that are not to be painted. Keep all of your tools together and clean them up after each usage.

If you’re painting a room, ensure to get all the furnishings out of the way, and, if you’re painting on the ceiling, take down the portraits and the lampshade.

If you’re painting outside, ensure you’re comfortable using ladders or scaffolding, remove all plants and obstructions from the wall, and perform some painting yourself if you’ve read this article all the way through. To achieve a great expert paint finish, complete the proper preparation and take the painting work seriously!