Do you ever receive your utility bill and shiver more than you should because of the freezing cold outside? Don’t worry; it happens with everyone. Unfortunately, we waste more electricity in efforts to keep our house warm. And, the electricity bills often leave us shell-shocked. What if I tell you there are ways by which you can cut down your heater consumption to a great extent. Plus, the tips we will share won’t require you to spend a lot of money. On the contrary, some of them are absolutely free of cost. So, here are the 12 saviour tips to keep your house warm and comfy, even if it is frosty outside.


1. Make way for the heat

Many of us make a huge mistake by blocking radiators with furniture or other things. Try to shift your furniture away from the radiator in winter. Let the air from the radiator circulate in the room. Ahh…nice and warm. Perfect!


2. Let the sunlight in

Sunny days are a pure blessing in winters. Make sure you take advantage of it. You can open the windows and let the warmth from the sun sneak in. 


3. Drape it up

If you want your room to be warm during the day but warmer at night, try installing drapes or curtains with thick materials. It will help trap the warmth inside the room and prevent cold air from breaking in. You can also use bubble wraps to cover your windows. That will help to seal the warmth inside the room. 



4. Insulate the floor

Cold floors are the creepiest thing in winter. You can invest in some fancy floor insulators to beat the cold if you want. But, there is a cheaper alternative to it— Rugs! Yes, Rugs. Nothing fancy, affordable and snug. You can buy any thick rug of your choice; it will help keep your room warm. Besides, always try to wear socks and a knit hat even inside the house to stay warm.


5. Utilise hot showers more

Love soaking in a hot steam bath? If possible, keep the door open while bathing. Let the stream flow into your room as well. In addition, it will moisten up the dry, cold air in the room.


6. Hot water bottles for rescue

A cold bed is the second creepiest thing after a cold floor. You can cut the cold out by placing a hot water bottle underneath the sheets before sleeping. Also, try adding on heavy pillows to make your bed comfiest. You may also move your bed away from the windows to keep it warm.


7. Put on a nice shelf

No, it’s only for decor purposes. You can put a shelf just above the radiators to prevent the warm air from moving upward. But, make sure you don’t place things on the shelf that may damage due to heat.

Terra cotta 

Terra cotta

8. Heat it up with a Terra cotta 

Terra cotta pots can be used for more than just planting plants. You can make a Terra cotta heater out of it. You can put the terracotta upside down with the support of a prop at each of its diameters. This makes space for air to enter. Place a candle or small candles under the terra cotta. This DIY heater is a good option for small room warmth needs.


9. Seal the mail slot or dog’s door

If you always forget this pass way of cold air. You can seal the mail slot or dog’s door with a towel or simply with a sticky tape.


10. Reverse the fan rotation 

Fans rotate anticlockwise to give cool air in summer. However, we can use it for warmer air in winter by switching it to the clockwise rotation.


11. Keep the oven door open

After you have finished cooking your meal in the oven, keep the oven door open for a while. Let the warmth from the oven settle in your kitchen space. You can do the same with the help of boiling water on the stove. But, be cautious if you have kids or pets in your house.


12. Smart thermostat

Instead of using a conventional heating system, which sucks up a lot of energy, try getting a smart thermostat that is energy efficient. You can set the setting according to your room needs. It also helps you make your room warm only when you need it.


The Extra Step – Go Through this Checklist before Winters Arrive 

Even after trying these tips and owning fancy appliances, cold from outside stills finds its way in? Make sure of the following things to prevent it.


  • An unplugged fireplace; try sealing the flue to stop the warm air from escaping
  • Open Dampers; adjust the setting of the airflow for winters
  • Dirty furnace filters; the solution to it is changing them
  • Check if all the windows and doors of the house are closed
  • Seal up the ductwork; it may have a leak somewhere
  • Wrap your pipes to insulate them. Wrapping also prevents it from freezing and bursting
  • Try covering your kitchen hood if you don’t use it every day. As the kitchen hood can be a path for cold air
  • Try to clean your dry vents; it helps to eliminate any blockage in the ducts
  • Try changing your HVAC  system if it is an older one
  • Check for any cracks in the bricks of your house. Yes, even this can make a  cold air way inside your house
  • An energy audit will help you know if you need to upgrade your appliances, systems, as well as seal your ducts


Wrapping Up

Winters may seem tough with the runny nose and nippy toes, but not many can deny that they are the best months. So enjoy it with your favourite cup of coffee or hot chocolate and a good book, as it is the cosiest time of the year. Winter may get hard on you at times, but you can beat it with the tips shared above. With simple changes, you get a snug home perfect for everyday routine, get togethers, holidays or just unwinding. Do let us know which one of the tips you like the most?