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Avoid Cowboy Builders


Arranging for work to be completed on your house can be a stressful experience. Because the cost of work is typically so high, you need to be 100% confident with the builders’ ability to carry out the work to your exact specifications. And, based on research conducted by the Federation of Master Builders, fewer and fewer homeowners feel this way; because of the anxiety over hiring a competent builder, the UK is missing out on £10 billion worth of investment […]

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Most common exterior paint problems


Exterior paints have to be made of hardier stuff than their interior relatives. They have to be able to endure everything the weather can throw at them – whether that’s freezing cold or blisteringly hot temperatures, adverse weather conditions or even the more mundane, everyday occurrences of buffeting wind and rain. Because of these combative conditions, there are a lot of things that can cause exterior wall paint to deteriorate and a whole range of technical terms to describe them. […]

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How to weatherproof your house


The weather poses an ever-present threat to our homes. And unfortunately, residence in the UK tethers our homes to experiencing more than its fair share of rainfall. Rainfall doesn’t discriminate – it is equally likely to accelerate the advance of penetrating damp horizontally through your walls as it is to overburden your gutters and drains to muscle its way into your home. Damp, in whatever guise, can be devastatingly damaging. There are however, a host of ways you can safeguard […]

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What is the difference between exterior masonry paint and exterior wall coatings?


There are a number of reasons why you might be looking to resurface the exterior of your home. The brickwork could be beginning to wear away, you might have noticed the appearance of damp, your home may not be quite as well insulated as you would like it to be or, more simply, your paintwork could be flaking and peeling away. Any of these reasons are as valid as the other for seeking an exterior wall covering solution and any […]

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Weather Proof Paint- Save A Lot On Annual Repainting Expenses


Weather Proof Paint- Save A Lot On Annual Repainting Expenses Water damage can actually come from a variety of different sources including rain water, surface, underground water as well as from internal sources. Each year, rain water, ice and snow can expose the exterior of your home to great quantities of water damage in the form of moisture. From several years, moisture has been historically causing damage to numerous buildings and structures. Waterproofing roofs or basements of your home may […]

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