Exterior wall treatments are an easy method to improve your home’s look while enhancing its protection. 

Whatever is painted on the walls of your home, it won’t last much longer than a year and a half unless any problem areas are fixed, including cracks, loose paint, or damaged render patches.

In order to get more of your money, a local decorator WANTS to see you again in 18 months, which is why they DO it.

Here, you can learn about the various advantages of external wall coatings and determine whether they are the best option for you. They demonstrate to be a good value for money for many different homes.

weatherproof coatings

External Wall Coatings: What are they?

Painting a home’s exterior is an outdated alternative to external coatings. They come in various colours and can be placed directly on a building’s exterior, offering multiple advantages such as weatherproofing, waterproofing, and insulation while also hiding any flaws that may already be there.

The terms masonry coatings, textured coatings, and exterior wall coverings may also be used to refer to exterior wall coatings. Although they can be used to hide imperfections in already-existing render, they should not be mistaken for render. Before applying the wall coating, walls may need to be repaired depending on their state.

The advantages of using an outside coating rather than paint were obvious to the homeowners.

In this blog post, we’ll highlight a few of the many advantages of using an exterior coating instead of regular masonry paint on the exterior walls of your home.

Principal benefits of external wall coatings

These are some of the essential advantages to think about if you want to learn more about the benefits of external wall coatings:

  • Improved appearance: The application of an external coating is intended to strengthen and enhance the appeal of your property, concealing any flaws and giving your house a fresh, modern appearance. Wall coverings are available in various colours and don’t need to be repainted.
  • Weather defence: A wall coating gives still another layer of defence to the outside of your home, shielding it from harm during inclement weather.
  • Protection from moisture: Exterior coverings shield a building from damp infiltration, which, if left untreated, can eventually cause major problems, including structural concerns.
  • Additional insulation: Several of our wall coatings are applied to increase insulation and improve a building’s energy efficiency. If you are interested in this, kindly ask us for additional information. This is crucial since a rigid wall covering is more likely to crack. Exterior wall coatings can adjust to the expansion and contraction of the building, preventing cracking.
  • Fantastic value for the money: Your property’s beauty and value can both be enhanced by wall coatings. They also guard against many problems, including wet penetration and weather-related damage.
wall coating

wall coating

Installing an exterior wall coating on your home is a pretty involved process.

Before power washing the walls, we remove any debris accumulated over time and remove any loose or flaking paint.

Then, if necessary, we repair any cracks or hollow render as well as treat any dampness. The final cost includes everything.

Then we cover the doors and windows with tape and spread out dust sheets. Since you enjoy your garden and we are aware that it is not a construction site and do not desire to convert it into one, we also take great care to safeguard the lawns, trees, and plants.


In conclusion, an outside coating is a tough and long-lasting substitute for paint. Unlike paint, which only lasts two years, it can last up to twenty years. It will halt erosion, condensation, and moisture. The paint won’t work. Paint won’t cover a wall with a bad surface; a wall coating will. A coating for external walls won’t fade, break, chip, or peel. Strong sunlight is reflected by the coating substance, which keeps your house cooler in the summer. Additionally, internal walls won’t feel wet or cold, which reduces your heating costs. Your house won’t need to be painted again for 20 years after this wall coating has been done, which will save you a tonne of money.