How to identify and repair cracked external render

How to repair cracked external render

‘Exterior rendering’. You may never have actually heard the term before, but if you want your home to have any chance whatsoever of standing up to the weather for years to come, you are going to want to get it acquainted with it – and fast.

Fortunately for you, we have put together this post that aims to outline everything you need to know. In this crash course on rendering you will learn how to identify whether your home’s render requires replacing as well as how and why getting the rendering process right is so important.

What is render?

Fundamentally, render is a mixture of cement. External render is the outermost layer of your home and – as the outermost layer of your home – it is tasked with braving rain, wind, sleet, snow and sun and emerging unscathed.

How do I know if my home needs rendering?

Identifying whether your home exterior needs a refresh can be relatively straightforward – it all depends on the current state of your home’s exterior. Cracks and crevices are of course an obvious signifier of a problem.

On the other end of the scale, less visible but just as serious, is an inadequate product coating your home. Unfortunately, most masonry paints aren’t designed in the same way as weatherproof coatings are, meaning that they are unable to mount a serious and sustained defence against the attacks of the weather.

So, unless your exterior surface is flawless or you have recently invested in a quality weatherproof coating for your home, it is well worth considering the merits of exterior wall rendering.

Why choose All Weather Coating to carry out the rendering process?

From the start of the external rendering process to the end, we take repairing cracks in external rendered walls very seriously. Before the actual work begins, a survey is conducted to uncover and document every flaw.

From there, using the original survey, every flaw is corrected with meticulous care and precision. As an independently owned, family-run firm established close to twenty years ago, render crack repair has been an important part of offering for some time now. We have an abundance of experience repairing cracked render and you can bet that our expertise and know-how results in a superb piece of work being completed on your home.

Not only are the people applying the product of the highest quality, so too is the product itself. Our weatherproof coatings are developed specifically to resist anything the weather can throw at it. The infusion of silicone gives them an extraordinary resistance to water.

We are so confident in our product’s ability that a 25-year guarantee accompanies our work. In addition, if you weren’t already aware, we are also adept at restoring pebbledash rendering as well as rendering external walls.

How much to render a house?

At All Weather Coating, we assess each scenario on a case-by-case basis. This is so we can properly meet each and every concern of our customers while adapting our service to match the specifications of each individual task.

For a more accurate and detailed valuation, book a site visit with us by getting in touch via email, telephone or through this contact form.

House rendering: Everything you need to know

external render repair

A tried and tested exterior wall rendering service can allow a property to withstand the elements for decades without accruing even a single blemish.  On the other hand, a building that is woefully under-equipped to deal with the everyday stresses of the weather can very quickly deteriorate. How exposed a property is will of course affect the rate at which it does so. But rather than blaming a property’s location for its demise, it is instead more important to accept that all home exteriors incur damage at the hands of the weather. For this reason, it is vital to have some kind of barrier or buffer zone between your home and the weather. The last, and arguably most important, line of defence against marauding weather is your home’s external render. To learn how to maximise its effectiveness – as well as how to repair external render – we have put together this guide to everything you need to know about external rendering.

Exterior wall rendering

As your home’s final line of defence against the elements, it is essential that your house exterior rendering is not only intact, but is also hardy enough to fend off whatever the weather can throw at it. Cracked render needs addressing as soon as it materialises. Rain can quickly accumulate in crevices and cracks before gradually seeping into your home over time. If you do not act swiftly, you can have a very serious penetrating damp situation on your hands. In order to combat penetrating damp, it is worth considering our penetrating damp treatment.  If you want to cut the problem off at its source however, you will need to consider external render repair. Rendering external walls is straight-forward with All Weather Coating on your side, you can simply relax while we do the work, safe in the knowledge that our team are specialists in their field using the best products available (like K Rend).

Pebbledash repair

Repairing pebbledash render meanwhile can be a slightly most cumbersome task. The haphazard arrangement of small stones and rocks makes pebbledash an incredibly unwieldy surface to address – no matter how you choose to do so. Whether you decide to completely remove the existing layer of pebbledash, add another layer of pebbledash on top of it, or decide merely to gloss over any glaring vulnerabilities with an additional layer of paint, you are likely to struggle equally.

All Weather Coating’s pebbledash repair service will make your life a whole lot easier. An experienced group of specialists can resolve your pebbledash issue in a matter of days – for a fraction of the cost of pebbledash removal too.  Using the latest in wall coating technology, our exterior wall coatings are applied methodically and uniformly, ensuring a single speck isn’t missed. By simultaneously covering any deficiencies in the pebble dash render mix whilst reinforcing your home’s defence against the weather, our pebbledash repair methods ensure your home is set for the future.

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