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All Weather Coating are proud to be able to say that we use nothing but the best masonry paint on all projects that we undertake. All exterior masonry wall coating work we undertake comes with a 25-year guarantee as standard.

The Wall Coating that we use here at All Weather Coating is a type of masonry paint that is specifically for the exterior of your home. The masonry paint we use is far thicker than your typical store-bought paint and is the perfect solution to protecting your home from the adverse effects of bad weather.

Our outdoor wall coatings don’t require to be repainted for several decades, so you no longer have to worry about constantly having to redo the outside of your home. All Weather Coating offers a 25-year guarantee for all that we undertake so you can rest easy knowing your home is protected for years to come.

Some of you may be wondering what exactly is masonry paint? Don’t worry, we’ve included a handy little guide below for you to have a read through and get yourself better acquainted with the ins-and-outs of why you should be utilising a masonry primer for your home.

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What is Masonry Paint?

With benefits to your home offering both style and protection, masonry paint will typically be used in construction on an exterior-facing surface. It can be used on a massive variety of surfaces, not least rendering, brick and masonry to name but a few!

While they come in a variety of colours, the true purpose behind masonry painting is protection against the weather and other outdoor factors. These paints are the ‘first line of defence’ against all these threats, as you will find that materials like masonry can be particularly porous and therefore easily susceptible to damp.

The whole purpose of our masonry paint services is to serve as a form of insulation, protecting the exterior of your home. Another genius property of these paints is that they are ‘breathable’, meaning that they allow moisture from within the surface to escape while, at the same time, expelling all unwanted wetness from the outside.

Why Use All Weather Coating’s Masonry Painting service?

For all its brilliant uses, there are difficulties when it comes to applying masonry paint yourself. It is absolutely crucial that the exterior surfaces are primed correctly in order to get the most of your masonry painting – which is why it’s best to seek out a professional.

When your masonry paint is professionally applied by us, not only will you get the peace of mind from a job well-done, you’ll also receive our 25-year guarantee to ensure your home is not only fixed – but stays fixed for many years to come!

We hope you will turn to us here when it comes to turning your masonry paint project into a reality. Colours aren’t an issue when it comes to what we can offer, we boast a wide range of colours available to our customers.

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