Staining Brick WallWhitewashed Brick Wall

The brick walls of your home offer an incredible and timeless beauty to both the exterior and interior of your house. It is durable and protects your home from outer harms like pests and occasional moisture. It is low on maintenance and eventually increases the curb appeal of both your interiors and exteriors if you’ve brick fireplaces or walls. However, with time they may start seeming dull, losing their charm and vibrant colors. You may eventually find that they need a fresh appeal for showing off again and giving your home a new look.

Fortunately, there are quite a few options available and today we are going to discuss two of them- staining brick and whitewashing brick. Both the methods are similar to some extent like both involve layering of a water-based coating- which includes pigments, binders, and additives to give color to the wall. However, they are different in many different ways.  We will share all the pros and cons and going through them you may decide what’s best for a clean and new look of your home.

brick staining

brick staining

What Is Brick Staining? 

Staining is one of the popular methods to upgrade the wall of your home. It makes the wall more noticeable & prominent. Unlike other methods, staining is not a lengthy process. Instead, it is more likely to be a rapid and speedy process. In comparison to painting, which is costly as well as a time-consuming process, staining is time-saving. Staining gives the wall a timeless beauty that everyone desires. The materials involved in it are environment-friendly and directly related to the sustainable development that has become the priority of the modern standards of living. 

Staining is an easy process & it is affordable in terms of maintenance. It maintains the natural beauty of the bricks. It is a more advisable medium if you wish to have a classic appearance on your wall. It fits on your budget & you can apply it in almost every weather

How to stain brick?

  • To stain your wall, you should clean the brick wall first, which is a complex process due to its texture & porosity. So use a pressure washer to clean the whole area of your wall. 
  • After cleaning all those dirty areas, you’re supposed to have an expeditious inspection to know if any damages have occurred which need to be repaired. 
  • If everything is normal and the process is going well, mix your stain and spray it on the wall.


  • Staining keeps your wall cool and allows moisture during the summer season. 
  • It doesn’t get melted & discolored in high or extreme temperatures.
  • It is durable and lasts for more than ten years or even 20 if you’re residing in a cold arena.
  • Though it could be expensive if you’re looking for a high quality of stains, it is still economical in terms of its durability. 


It is a thorough process and more likely to be time-consuming as the second coat would not be effective unless you leave the wall for at least 24 hours with its first coat.  

What is whitewashing brick?

Whitewashing brick is famous for its look all around the world. It gives the brick a great texture that is hardly seen anywhere. It displays the natural beauty of your home. Whitewash is more of a simple and easy process since it does not consume a lot from your time span.

Whitewash is unique in itself. If you mix paint with water, you can create or get the same look that you get from a whitewash. This is what makes it distinctive from other products. Unlike paint & other products, whitewash is durable and easy to use. It is a short & concise process that even a non-expertise person can also perform.

whitewashing brick

whitewashing brick


How to whitewash your brick?

The method of using whitewash is the same as it is with paint or stain. 

  • Make a paste of dish soap and salt with enough water in it. 
  • Scrub the brick by using a spoon of boric acid powder with more than a gallon of hot water.
  • It’s deemed to be a caustic process. So wearing gloves & eyewear is highly recommended. 


  • Whitewash is effective & considered great for small projects. 
  • It is long-lasting and highly durable. 
  • Whitewash is recommendable if you want to maintain the natural beauty of your home. 


Whitewash is a little bit more expensive than lime wash although both give the same beauty and both are labor-intensive methods. 

Which One To Choose?

Is your preferred taste vintage or modern? The choice highly depends on this question. If you like the old vintage style of homes then staining is giggly preferable.

It can also last for more than 20 years if you stay in a climate-friendly environment. However, if you are not a fan of lengthy and hectic processes, whitewashing should be your choice. It can upgrade your home, giving it a fresh and modern look while being quick.


Both processes are aimed at giving your house a fresh and clean look while maintaining the natural state of the brick walls. It may seem like you have a clear winner after reading through all the pros and cons, however, in my opinion, staining is a lengthy process but it gives an older look to your house that everyone who loves old and vintage style, desires. Staining protects your wall against exterior environments such as heat, rain, etc. 

Whitewashing is a labor-intensive process and quite expensive in terms of cost. There are various products available in the market such as lime wash or paint which are similar to whitewash in terms of cost, durability, etc. Hence, staining is more preferable in comparison to whitewash when it comes to cost, durability, maintenance, affordability, and long lasts.