Installing thermilate roof coatings in Radlett

Project Description

This Radlett property’s owners were concerned at how quickly the 25 year-old roof tiles were deteriorating. So, we tackled the problem using Thermilate roof coating which has heat-reflecting properties.

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Work Description

1. Preparation

Protect plants and bushes with tarpaulins.

2. Cleaning

Thoroughly clean the roof.

3. Repair

Repoint the hips, ridges and verges where required.

4. Fungicide

Apply a fungicide wash and wait until it dries.

5. Roof Coating

We cut in around the edges of the tiles then spray on the first coat of terracotta Thermilate roof coating. Once dry, we apply a second coat to provide a uniform finish.
Paint the lead flashing with lead paint
The end result:

A roof that looks as good as new.